How To Install Shutters – Boston Equator

Frames for shutters, panels with corners keys, pins and corner braces were all removed. Place the pieces of the frame so that the hinges are facing the floor.

Place the frame in a straight line in the middle of the floor, however inversed left to right. The frame parts should be marked with where they are on the shutters. Attach the screws using corners braces and corner key.

Place the frame into the window. Screw it to the wall. Attach the panel to the frame. Then use the pins to fix them. You must ensure that everything is even. Next, insert the rest the screws.

Check your panels to be sure they’re closed. Make adjustments to the frame as needed. This could mean you have to take out some screws. After everything has started opening and closing in a smooth manner then you are able to tighten every screw 100 100%.

Be sure to follow the steps and make sure you measure the measurements two times. You should be able to put in your shutters on your own. It is more efficient to hire someone guide you. For more information on shutter installation, just click the video link above.