A Guide to Diabetic Foot Care – Andre Blog


roblems in the foot, particularly. The video will provide fundamentals of foot care for diabetics as well as the diabetes-related issues diabetics need to be aware of.

Problems with feet can be as simple as nail discoloration as well as nail loosening for diabetics. It’s important to properly lotion your feet, especially if you suffer from diabetes. Seek out a podiatrist immediately in the event that you feel dry or discoloration of your nails.

Neuropathy caused by diabetes can result in burning and discomfort in feet. Patients with diabetes should not walk without shoes. To reduce the risk of further aggravation the neuropathy-related symptoms, diabetics should be wearing protective and supportive footwear.

If there is neuropathy in the feet of patients, they should avoid foot soaks. This could cause burns, as patients won’t have ability to sense the temperature. It is also possible to be soaking their feet for too long , and soften their skin , which makes it more prone to being damaged.

All diabetic patients should see their physician immediately if they suspect that they have injured their foot. Patients may not experience any pain and should be seen by a doctor to prevent further injury. For more details you can watch the image above.