A Guide on Water Heater Installs – Industrial and Manufacturing Insights

There are several steps you must follow before setting up a water heater. First, you need to switch off your existing water heater. It is essential to ensure that the heater has been shut off prior to when you begin. You’ll then need to switch on the hot water source before shutting off the water using the lines. To stay safe you must disconnect the gas lines.

Once each step are completed, remove the old water heater and then move it to the other side. Following that, connect your gas and water lines to the new heater. Connect the vent. Hot water is now able to be turned on. Then, light the pilot light again. Then you should flush the system completely. This helps the water to be cleaner later in the event that the water heater heats up.

You should check the anode rod of your water heater to be sure it’s in great shape. It will be the one to take to the majority of the damage in the water heater being used. You may want to replace it after a few years. The savings could be hundreds of dollars on labor by installing your water heater yourself.