What is Wrong With Your ACs Compressor? – Customer Support Portal

If you are experiencing hot conditions, it can be a serious problem. You will want to call your local HVAC contractor to make HVAC repairs right away. In this short video you’ll be taught how to find out what’s problem with your cooling unit.

Most air conditioning units are placed on the outside of the building. A variety of components are utilized to provide a range of services. Sometimes it can be hard to determine which component or group of parts are causing the problem. The technician notices that the fan is still blowing in the video. That means it’s getting power, and the blower is not the cause. The technician conducts a series of tests on the electrical system and concludes that the fuses are also not the cause. A circuit breaker also gets checked. It appears that the issue is caused by the compressor, after a series of testing. They’ll need to purchase new compressors, capacitors and relays. Also, he puts it back the way when he first found it, which ensures that everything is neat and tidy for anyone doing the repairs.