Understanding Sea Survival Training – Spokane Events

If you’re thinking of taking up a position with a marine rescue group you should be aware of what kind of training you will need to undergo. Trainees are required to practice wearing a survival outfit equipped with a survival kit so that they can appreciate the weight of gear. They must also practice getting into and out of floating rafts, keeping a raft for an extended period of time, and set off flares to appreciate their risks.

A majority of the training takes place in very deep pools, which allow the simulation of weather conditions ranging between calm and rough. Jump platforms are available to trainees and they must leap off with their whole kit. The swimming pool is large enough that a rescue vessel can be put within the water to generate waves. In order to simulate night rescue Trainers could close all blinds in the pool and turn to black. It’s a vital activity, because the water during a clear and moonless night will appear completely black.

This video offers additional details about the training required to be a sea sailor.