SEO Reseller Programs and Job Descriptions

SEO reseller programs come with varied job descriptions. Some SEO reseller programs are affiliate like programs where the reseller simply refers new clients to the SEO firm. They then get paid an agreed upon commission for doing this service for the search engine optimization firm. Client referral is their main job description although these kinds of resellers do have to partake in internet marketing campaigns in order to attract new clients.

Some other types of SEO reseller programs include billing the client in their job description. These are the white label or private label Seo reseller programs that are so popular today. SEO reseller programs that require the reseller to bill the client are offered by some of the best search engine optimization firm. In case you are wondering why the search engine optimization firm would allow their resellers to bill the client, it is because the client belongs to these kinds of resellers and not the SEO service provider. SEO reseller programs allow resellers to own their own business.

White label is also referred to as private label SEO reseller programs. It all depends on which SEO firm offering these types of SEO reseller programs is calling it. In any case, white label reseller programs allow the reseller to offer search engine optimization services to clients as if they are the service provider themselves. The client doesn’t know that these kinds of Seo reseller have signed up under white label or private label SEO reseller programs. The client doesn’t even need to know this because they are going to be getting the same quality SEO services as if they went directly to the SEO firm. White label SEO reseller programs also allow the reseller to mark up or mark down their prices as they see fit.

Before signing up for any of the SEO reseller programs it is important for resellers to make sure they are partnering with a good search engine optimization firm. In fact, the resellers reputation for quality service will depend on how good the SEO services are. If you want to make a good name for yourself with one of the white label SEO reseller programs make sure you partner with the best SEO service provider you can find. The SEO firms should be easy to get in touch with if you have questions and give clear job descriptions to their resellers.

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