How to Explain Bone Repair to Kids – Balanced Living Magazine

There is no need to worry if the injury results from climbing a tree, or sports-related injuries, you need to help your child understand how to heal their bones. You may find that they do not comprehend why they must visit their doctor and wear castings for the following days. Here is a short explanation to help you understand the procedure.

A bone fracture can be defined by a deficiency of quality in a bone. This is typically the result from what is known as “mechanical trauma.” In other words, it is a fracture. The objective of bone repairs involves restoring the strength and consistency of the bone following an injury. After a fracture occurs and bone repair occurs, it takes place in 4 distinct stages that include hematoma and bone callus, soft callus, and remodeling.

The first phase takes place within the 48-hour period following an injury. The first stage is where platelets and blood cells join bones that are fractured. The stage of soft callus begin shortly following the hematoma stage , and can take up to two weeks. Bony callus, when the healing bone begins to become more mineralized, will occur within two to 12 weeks after the initial fracture. It is expected that the process will complete approximately three months later. When it is done the child should be able take off the cast off.