How 1 Tow Truck Owner Makes Millions – Car Dealer A

Chances that can earn you plenty of cash. The video shows a man who did just that. His story began with an Idaho tow truck company. Now, he is an entrepreneur with a millionaire’s custom-tow truck maker.

The business’s owner started from a young age and was an tow truck driver. He was on call all day long as a young man. He’s amazed by his today’s success after he remembers how he started the business. He owns two successful companies. He is the owner of a company that manufactures towing trucks. A second one is one that deals in towing. Together, the revenue of the two companies is more than $18 million.

The custom towing truck business started when he invented an instrument that made it much easier for tow truck drivers to roll a car and pull it onto the flatbed within minutes. It was much more lucrative when he learned the efficiency principles that car manufacturers use. They invested in new equipment, workshops and work methods, which saw an increase in profits to the millions.