An Animated Look at the Glaucoma Treatment Procedure – News Articles About Health

The optic nerve may be affected or be threatened due to the elevated state of your eye. Your eye can become hyperinflated as the ball. The fluid inside your eye can’t drain as efficiently. This may cause disruption to the eye’s optic nerve and impair your vision. To alleviate the pressure in the eye, your doctor might prescribe an oral medication and, more often opt for prescription eye drops. If treatment fails, surgical intervention can be a viable alternative.

If the medication causes severe unwanted side effects, like impermanence, rapid heartbeat, and high blood pressure, you may want to think about glaucoma treatment. A few patients will require immediate intervention if their eyes are threatened or the pressure in their eyes is excessively high. Patients can recover at home roughly a week following the surgery for treating glaucoma. You may be given safety precautions or guidelines from your physician. Make sure your eyes are dry. The eye may become itchy or swollen in your eye. It is possible to notice a tiny bump where the incision was created as well. This animation will help you get a better understanding of the process.