14 Home Backyard Wedding Ideas and Benefits – Ceremonia GNP

This could save some money which would have needed to hire the tent. If the trees or branches are in poor condition, they might be worth having taken down.
Conduct the Necessary Repairs
Prior to the wedding, you must ensure for your home to be clean and in great condition. One of the best DIY wedding plans is to carry out repairs and enhancements to the different areas of your property. The windows should be the first priority doors, walls and the windows as these are likely to be prominent areas on your wedding day. The replacement of broken window panes could be an easy DIY project or require a professional touch depending on the complexity. Consider garage door repair services to make sure that the part of your home is an optimal condition and serves its function. It is also possible to fix tiny repairs yourself like the replacement of your gutter, or even filling potholes on your driveway.
Apply an Coat of Paint
All the outside of your home, and especially in the backyard, should be painted with a bit of paint a few days prior to the wedding. It will allow the paint enough time to set before guests arrive. Exterior walls are the best to start with. The cost isn’t necessarily the thousands for this undertaking. One coating of paint can create the look that you desire. After that, you can move to outdoor structures like pergolas, gazebos fence and patio cover. You can pick the color you love best before applying a coat. There are many options available to you. And no one can see exactly what you’re doing. You can choose to have the walls painted by a siding company, as long as you are able to afford the.
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