You Could Receive Compensation For Your Slip and Fall Injury – Boston Equator

Have you suffered the course of a slip-and-fall incident? If you sustained an injury due to your fall and slip, you may be eligible for compensation. If yes, contact an accident lawyer immediately to find more about the possibilities. The following video showcases a victim who sustained injuries when slipping in the grocery store.

This is a security camera footage filmed at a grocery shop. Normal people are just walking about in the normal way. A woman takes out an ice bag from her freezer. The woman places the bag down and then heads to the store to purchase another bag. Then she leaves the shop with two bags of the ice. A woman and her child will then stroll through the aisle in under twenty seconds. The girl slips and falls as she reaches the place where the previous woman laid the ice. As she lies on her back, the woman is clearly in the pain. If this happens, the woman may have a right to receive an injury from a slip or fall the injury, if it is discovered that the establishment ought to have put safeguards in place to prevent this accident.