Why Your Chest Pain May Not Be Heart Related – Health Talk Online


attacks. Most chest pain does not relate to your heart. It is due to the fact that there are numerous other organs nestled near your heart. To name a few, the liver, gall bladder, lungs and gall bladder are only a few of the organs which connect to your heart. The cause of pain can come from many sources. You should, however, be safe and call the nearest urgent care facility promptly. The following video will help you understand possible causes behind chest pain.

The largest contributor to chest pain is in fact digestion. This is responsible for greater than 40% of chest pain cases. Particularly, acid reflux may cause chest pain that can be mistaken as the symptoms of a heart attack. A majority of heart attacks don’t show symptoms. This is why they can be deadly. Another cause for chest pain can be a pulled muscle. There are many muscles that are in the same place that the heart. Like any other muscle, those muscles could be stretched. It can cause chest pain as well.