Understanding Bail in the United States – Personal Injury Litigation


d bars as the case was prepared to go to the trial. Today, bail can be the deciding factor as to whether or not someone is able to live a life of freedom, or spend the rest of their lives behind bars. It’s easier to comprehend the effect bail can have on individuals when things have changed.

The annual average number of indictments for criminals has been steady since 2000. However, the amount of jailed people is increasing by an exponential amount. It is because bail in the United States bail system no will ever recognize innocence. This is like saying that individuals are innocent until proven that they are not. This is especially true for communities that are low-income.

Based on Jonathan Lippman, the Chief Judge in New York, the ability to issue a bail set at 500 dollars could be the difference between, “rotting,” in prison. The bail is not intended to show the probability of guilt; it was meant to remain reasonable for those who are accused.

To learn more about the bail procedure, look over the attached video.