Types of Speech Disorders in Children – health-SPLASH

Adults, it could happen as a result from strokes in adults. It is also known as acquired AOS. Scientists aren’t able to identify neurological damage among babies who were born in the condition of Apraxia of Speech. It is not known what causes the Apraxia of speech in children.

However, there are some connection between this condition and disorders of order among closely related family members. The research has shown that learning and communication issues are frequent in parents of children who were of AOS parents. This means there might be some genetic connections.

AOS that is mild AOS generally are difficult to identify. The diagnosis for this condition is more difficult in children with several different speech impairments. It is difficult to determine the cause due to the fact that children with mild symptoms of the condition often have other conditions. For instance, symptoms like speech irregularities and mispronunciation in voice are also seen in other speech disorders.

You might think that the more severe manifestations that suffer from this condition can be a little more difficult to diagnose. Some of the most common signs that can be observed are difficulties in speaking, inconsistent pronunciation, groping for the position of sound and movements that are off-target that alter speech.


This one also ranks high on the list of common types of speech problems in children. Dysarthria is a signal that muscle or nerve weakening has taken place. This disorder is characterized by slow speech, slurred speech or slurred words. The children who are affected by this condition may also have limited lips, tongue, and jaw movements. There are some who have an irregular pattern and frequency when they speak. Certain people may experience issues with voice quality or articulation issues, along with a labored voice.

Dysarthria is the result of muscle and nerve injury. However, the condition can only occur when there’s damaged nerves that supply muscle cruci