This is How Glass is Made – How Old Is the Internet

Lam is an interesting material. It is a solid that is visible. It’s used in a variety products we take for granted. As an example, it’s employed in laptops, phones, televisions, glasses, as well as skyscrapers to name several. A lot of people don’t know about the processes involved in making glass. It’s difficult to comprehend how a glass object was made compared to how wooden or stone objects was made. This video will show you the process of making glass.

Sand is the primary element in the making of glass. Sand is plentiful. This is true especially in Egypt which is where we will find some of the oldest glass objects. We don’t even know the person who came up with glass. Glass workers start by dumping vast quantities of pure sand into a furnace. The furnace uses heat to heat the sand so that it melts. The addition of additional additives is based on the glass type. Next, the molten sand is spread out on the table, where a machine is used to spread it and smooth it. The glass can be kept as a straight sheet or be transformed into various other objects.