The ULTIMATE Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe – Ceremonia GNP

Well, this is the perfect guide for men that are seeking to convert their wardrobes from work into casual business attire to wear for every occasion.

A hopsack navy dress is the ideal choice. This suit can be worn to almost any event. Another great piece to carry in your bag at all times is an edgy sports jacket. If you’re browsing through a business casual closet nobody wants to find a dress code that is tuxedo-style on your closet. You do want natural colors as well as tones that complement the workplace environment, such as navy blue or light gray. Oxford shirts in light blue is a great choice. There is a common theme here where everything in your wardrobe can be used in a variety of ways and is able to be swapped. The tie is the only option. The rest of your outfit is easy, therefore make sure you select a lovely tie. It could be the main part to tie the ensemble to a unified look. vfjsq92bwe.