The Best Way to Install Shingles – Outdoor Family Portraits

third of all construction deaths is due to people falling off roofs. One step to get into a lot of trouble. The majority of people call a roofing professional. Though this is a good option, you still have the possibility of installing roofing shingles on your own with just a more care. This video will show you how to properly install shingles.

The ideal method for installing shingles is the safe way. Before you start, make sure that you’re wearing safety gear. It could be a safety harness or a rope that is attached to the roof ridge, or safety rails. These are just a few of the many ideas to ensure your safety. You could even purchase some specific roofing shoes that are extra grippy.

After you’ve secured the zone, you can nail the edge of the drip to your roof. This is an ordinary task that is usually overlooked. Yet, it is crucially essential. The drip edge redirects water away from the roof so that it does not drip into the siding. As time passes, it can create water damage, or mold. If you want to know what to do next, keep watching the video.