The Basics of Legal Accounting – Legal Videos

Financial transactions that are rding in the law firm, which includes revenues, billable hours, as well as the flow of cash. It is comprised of a wide range of tasks.

The first is general ledger preparation and posting. A general ledger is the book that holds a business’s financial statement. It’s an accumulation of accounts and is as part of an accounting system.

The other is account reconciliation. Reconciliation of accounts involves reconciling financial records with external sources of data. Because reconciliation allows for analysis and up-to-date records and analysis, it’s essential.

One of the major parts of legal accounting is the third one that is cash flow analysis. Since it monitors how money moves through an organization, the it is essential to analyze cash flow. Law firms also employ it to analyze the efficiency of an organisation and also to forecast future cash demands.

A few people within law firms have responsibility for the legal accounting. They’re referred to as accountants auditors, bookkeepers and lawyers. Legal accountants are responsible for maintaining accurate records of transactions in law firms.