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It is possible to find them in many sizes. Standard width is 8ft, however it could go up to 20ft-40ft.
Important Things to Take into Account Before Buying an Shipping Container

The primary and obvious consideration is the purpose of the storage container. Does it serve as a modern, unique residence? Maybe an outdoor area close to construction sites? This will determine how large the container is required to be. Selection of the right source is the next factor. There are online storage container shops both locally and internationally. Many websites such as Craigslist have second-hand storage units located in New Jersey. This is however an entirely different game. There may be defects in second-hand storage containers.

Let’s look over the containers that have been used. It is essential to know about their past use. These can help determine the current state of the item. Professional cleaning may be required. Some containers ship food and might have pesticides in them. A few containers can contain poisonous chemicals. It is crucial to do the necessary research prior to purchasing containers for storage.