Pro Packing Tips for Moving Your Art Supplies and Collection – Arts and Music PA

This can give you additional funds to cover charges for moving expenses, as as allow you to save the cost of packing when it’s time to relocate. You can do a garage sale to sell of not only your art work, as well as any art equipment that you do not need or require in the future. Another option is to sell your work at an art gallery, local cafe or restaurant with art from the local area. There are also online marketplace like Etsy and Facebook. Selling your artwork before you move can be a great option if you’ve been trying for a long period of time.

5. Take inventory of your art

When you move, you’ll have to make sure to keep your artwork secure and transfer your artwork with care. If everything is not visible and visible, it can be difficult to follow your artwork or paintings. A list of your artwork is among the most efficient packing techniques for moving art. You don’t have to write labels on each item. Instead, number each item and make an excel spreadsheet showing the numbers that correspond to which art. It is easier than handwriting the same title for each box. It is a great option if you travel with multiple persons.

6. Think about storage

Self-storage is a good alternative for those who don’t possess the space or capacity to carry everything on your own. Remember, should you decide to keep items in storage, you will need to move them again and then sell them from the storage container and continue to make payments on your storage unit. The best option is to use storage to store artwork and paintings in a time-limited manner, since storage units are vulnerable to burglary, and also don’t have any controls on temperature.

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