Ideas for a Small Kitchen Remodel – Confluent Kitchen

Compact Dishwasher

Compact dishwashers work well for households that have small kitchens, since they take up little space. Compact dishwashers are narrower by 150mm than regular dishwashers (600mm wide) This makes a significant difference in an area with a limited kitchen. A smaller dishwasher is perfect for small kitchen remodels.

15. Include a slimline Fridge

A slimline refrigerator is a great alternative. Refrigerators with slim lines are ideal for households with small spaces. While you might need to go shopping more frequently but your fridge will stay fresher. You can preserve certain food items, like bread and vegetables, without having to store them in refrigerators.

16. Look into integrated appliances.

In the same way similar to the rest of the kitchen, integrated appliances enhance the style of your kitchen. Although visitors may need to browse through several cabinets to find the fridge, the kitchen will look more spacious and larger with integrated appliances. Incorporating appliances into the kitchen is ideal for small home remodeling projects.

17. Add Cabinet Lighting

A modest kitchen redesign is made simpler through the use of lighting for cabinets. Lighting is an essential element to make a kitchen appear and feel more spacious. A kitchen can appear more spacious with more natural light. Skylights as well as glass doors can be installed to allow the natural light to flood in. This makes the kitchen appear larger. Lighting can be located below cabinet doors, or even at the base floor units. Use a lamphade to reduce the amount of light. Spotlights offer the best light.

18. Eliminate an Wall

In order to open the space and make a natural extension of the space, you can remove an interior kitchen wall. It isn’t necessary to sacrifice its purpose if you are hesitant.