Ideas for a Small Kitchen Remodel – Confluent Kitchen

Kitchen remodels are a great concept. Walking into a lighter, more bright space will instantly boost your mood. However, the crowded, gloomy area can cause you to feel down. It is possible for even a small kitchen to be made to feel spacious using the appropriate design strategies. This is a list of 23 amazing ideas for small kitchen remodeling.
1. It is possible to get rid of certain cabinets

If your kitchen is overcrowded, you should think of getting rid of some or all of your upper cabinets. This approach will open up your visual area of your kitchenand allow it to appear larger and more spacious that it actually can be. Small kitchens require plenty of natural light. Your workspace may appear darkened and cramped in the event that upper cabinets cast shadows over the counters. The space can be made more open by taking out or cutting down the upper cabinets. By extending tiles on your backsplash to the ceiling is a great way to visually boost the look of your kitchen.

Perhaps you’re concerned about the negative impact of dismantling the upper cabinets from your storage. If that’s the case then, consider building an efficient island, or work with an architect to maximize your storage in the bottom of your cabinet.

2. Open Shelves

Open shelving is one of the best ideas for a small kitchen remodel. The concept can be implemented by ensuring that your shelves are at least 10 inches deep. They will have the capacity to store large items such as plates for dinner, and so on without difficulty. The open shelves allow you to alter your d├ęcor according to the season, creating interesting focal points that will maintain your kitchen’s freshness. A similar color scheme for wall and shelves blends to create a room which has an open, bright look. It will also highlight the beautiful food items and decorative pieces. But, open shelves require more organization and frequent clean-up.

3. Invisible Hardware

While it may not seem evident, pulls and knobs sticking out of cabinet doors may create damages.