How to Fix Common RV Problems – Car Talk Podcast

Issues with owning a home.

These are some of the most common problems and repairs that RV owners must deal with.

Problems with your plumbing
Problems with plumbing can be found in all spaces in your RV, including the kitchen, bathroom and kitchen. There should be a set of tools for fixing any plumbing problems, or seek out a professional repair company.

RV Seals Leaking
It is important to repair the problem immediately if your RV begins to leak. Be careful not to touch the RV with things so that you don’t cause more damage. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, you may use an adhesive to fix the damage.

Propane Problems
In addition, an RV could have propane problems. There is a possibility of it being found within the refrigerator, stove or any other appliance which require an for ignition. Regularly inspect your propane supply.

Maintaining your wheels
Maintenance of the wheels of your RV is an essential part of owning one. Always change or upgrade your tires.

Electrical Troubleshooting
An RV can have electrical malfunctions. If you own one get a pro to help you get quality RV repairs.