How to Fiber Optic Cables Work? – Renan

The discussion will focus on the anatomy and functions of fiber optic cables in this segment. Let’s get started.
A fiber optic cable is composed of distinct parts. First, there’s the core. The core is composed or one strand made of extremely thin glass, or several different strands. Glass has a thickness roughly the same size as human hair. Fiber optic cables is crucial in the transmission of data. Information travels through these glass fibers in a light manner, making them extremely fast.
In the next section, we’ll look at the cladding. This portion of the cable forms the immediate surround for those glass fibers we talked about above. This is the primary protection layer that the cable has. It’s then followed by a secure buffer that adds a second layer of protection to the cable’s core.
Fiber optic cables are extremely complex and there is so much more to know about their construction. This is a wonderful technological advancement. 8oy8hgzp3s.