How to Determine if Your Antiques Are Worth Something – ANTIQUE MARKETPLACE

You have a few antiques around your home, but don’t be aware of the value they’re worth, or what they’re made of? The website, Antique Marketplace, gives readers advice on how to appraise antiques, as well as what you can do to appraise your items.

Be mindful of what you have before looking for an “certified antique appraiser in my region”. Sterling silver is a popular choice for jewelry, with an astounding 92.5% of silver in it. Antique plates and silverware generally are only sterling silver-plated. That means the silver dishes you have might be more copper or nickel than silver. That doesn’t mean that the antiques you own aren’t worth considering, but bear on your toes that it’s typical to find certain types of plates and cutlery objects that come with only a small amount of sterling silver covering.

All in all, you should ask an antique expert. Even if all you have is what’s known as “silver-plated flatware,” it might be worth some cash. Additionally, keep any antique items that may be copper-based, because current prices indicate the value of copper is increasing.