How Do Police Body Cameras Work? – Legal News

Cameras for body use are utilized in every day activities by individuals. The body camera is used by police officers to protect both the officer and person being sought after.

Why do police officers need body cameras? We find ourselves more often than not in he-said-she-said matches in which the word of one party is only as good as the proof that justifies the assertion. This is never assuming that the police officer not going to be a bad person, but we also have to believe that a criminal suspect might use lies to get off of a trial. It’s important that police have a body camera to allow all information in an investigation to be documented. One of the first things to keep in mind is that the officer must start the camera. Most officers do this due to the fact that they feel it safeguards their personal safety. Cameras can be placed on your chest instead of your shoulder. Cameras that hang loosely from the shoulder are not something you ought to worry about when you’re out on a hunt. p978heg4dc.