Hospitals and Color Psychology – The Film Frame

In the season of spring, the hues of walls will not be the primary thing on your mind. It’s difficult to focus in hospitals, which are stressful environments. The colors of your walls can have a much greater effect on your brain as you might think. The subject of color psychology has been thoroughly studied over many years. Hospital architects and designers apply it on a daily basis to improve the patient experience in the ER or emergency care. This video shows the various colors that hospitals utilize to send messages to their patients subconsciously.

It has been established that color can alter blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory. These all factor into general patient healing and recovery. Red and orange colors should be avoided when in hospitals due to their flaming nature and tendency to heighten blood pressure. Green and blue on the other hand, are more soothing and comforting for patients. Green is proven to aid in stress relief and brighter lights help patients wake up early and maintain optimism.