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Arch is a common term widely used by people particularly in America. The media exploits the international attraction to crime lords as well as murderers in order to raise the level of crime-related shows as well as other mystery programs. Crime is a common challenge in all cultures. The entire field of crime revolves around the motives of criminals, researchers have spent plenty of time creating research results which reveal the probable motives behind the murder. In this short video, we can discover the true reason why the majority of murderers do the things they do.

While one in 987 murders was committed out of boredom One in 1,058 murders is done to secure a massive payoff from the life insurance agents. The desire for money is the main motive behind common crimes, and is often the reason that leads those who commit crimes to do a number of questionable things. One in 35 murders are caused by alcohol, which raises the issue of how safe drinking alcohol really is. The majority of murders within the US are committed out of revenge. Five percent of the murders occur when someone is under the influence. While not every murder requires a motive, the majority of them were committed by people who did not intend to commit murder.