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The Arage is 12m in width. A garage with two cars at 16m or 18m.

The Top Residential Garage Doors
It could be that you’re thinking of upgrading your garage door, but aren’t sure where to begin. Here are the best garage doors for residential homes that you ought to think about.

Traditional garage doors for residential homes
Within the classic garage door types panels are most popular. There are a variety of doors for panel that look great without making too large an impact on your property.

Doors for garages that look like carriages.
Today’s carriage-style garage doors give users the look and feel of swing-outs however with the ease of being raised up. The garage can be customized by combining the door by installing carriage house doors.

Modern residential garage doors for homes
Modern and contemporary garage doors may be ideal for you if you reside in an urban home. They are typically made from the glass or aluminum varieties, which means you can customize the amount of privacy and natural light. ix2bscpadq.