Building a Retaining Wall – Spokane Events

A retaining wall doesn’t require too much effort. In reality, it’s possible to hire a professional landscaping business if you’re unsure certain about your abilities to complete the project. In this article, we will go over the process of building a wall for retaining in this article.

The initial step in the process involves you having to determine exactly where the wall is going to be constructed. There is a need to trace the ground so that it can be planned where you want to place the wall. Strings that are hung on the ground gives you a nice visual when you are ready to build the wall.

After you’ve marked your ground, you can begin digging. The base of the wall is a couple of inches deep into the soil. By doing this, you can ensure the entire wall is stable.

Before you start laying bricks you must add some material into the trench that you’ve dug. Gravel or other crushed stone can be a good base. In the event that the bricks are placed set on top of the stones or gravel they will not be as mobile like if they were on the soil.

Now you can lay the bricks in order to complete the wall for retaining.