Beginner Tips For Using Your Cricut – Family Issues

Iron on vinyl Cricut is one of the great aspects of this hobby. Go through this video to get beginner tips for using your Cricut. In the video you will see that Mr. Mr. Crafty Pants used Cricut’s Everyday Iron On Vinyl and the heat press. The technique used in the video can be applied to nearly any kind of fabric that is temperature-setting.
Choose the design of towel you’d like to utilize. Use a particular program to make the design, and then send your design to the Cricut perform cutting. After the item has been cut, it’s time to soak it in water and put it into the towel. It’s important to record the temperature settings, pressing requirements and time before pressing it with a heat press. It’s also crucial to understand what type of vinyl you’re using needs a cold or warm peel. Place the decal on the garment exactly where you’d like it to be before pressing to the correct pressure. After heat is removed then peel off the decal then you’re finished. picl31xrct.