At-Home Brake Maintenance – Fast Car Video Clips

Any car. They transform heat into kinetic energy to reduce your car’s speed. Although modern brake pads last they do require some regular guidelines to employ to help ensure your brakes are durable for the long haul.

To begin, lift the car up and remove the tire. Be sure to keep in mind all the nuts, bolts and washers, so it is easy to put it back in place. The disk containing the brake pads will show. To remove those brake pads make use of a hammer to pound it.

Take off the inner layer of the cover for the brake disc for removing the dust. Make use of a spray that is clean to clean out the corrosion. Next, clean the brake pads and springs and spray them. You can also do this using the rear tire.

In the case of the disks at the front, you can clean off the surfaces of rust, and also look whether there are any signs of leakage onto the brake. The brake pad should be checked to determine if it’s excessively thin. After all, you don’t want metal on metal. Your brake fluid should be replaced at least every 5 years.

For more information, check out the video above.