An Overview of Pediatric Services – FFH Nutrition

MossRehab has speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy to children who have burns that are severe or injury to the brain or spinal column. They also offer programs for kids with conditions such as autism spectrum disorders, and Down syndrome.

Elkins Park offers swimming or water therapy to children. It is beneficial for children with cerebral palsy or autism because it improves coordination and endurance, breathing as well as concentration. It also helps to improve coordination.

MossRehab provides services to children of any age, beginning with babies born with congenital issues to teenagers with rheumatoid arthritis. Children who have developmental issues are also assisted by these programs.

MossRehab is adamant about the involvement of patients’ parents and siblings. They are the ones who can carry out therapy in the home. Families provide more support to a patient’s ability to reach the milestones that are not achieved through the help of a professional. 6du123469v.